Property Sales

Buying a vacation or investment home in the USA calls for an informed decision based in part on the knowledge, judgment, and guidance of not just a licensed real estate broker or agent but one who is a REALTOR.  A Realtor in the USA is a licensed real estate agent by the state of Florida that has graduated from real estate school and has passed the state mandated real estate exam and is current on all mandatory post licensing education.
Real estate agents that are Realtors are highly regulated by the state of Florida and must abide by the very strict rules and regulations set forth by the state of Florida. If a Realtor fails to abide by these rules and laws they can be punished by fines, license revocation, and in some instances by imprisonment. In addition to the state of Florida laws a Realtor must abide by the Realtor code of ethics and if a Realtor breaks the code of ethics they can loose their Realtor designation.

The reason why the rules are so strict is to protect the Realtors clients from any type of misrepresentation or carelessness.

In the instance that we are representing our clients in the purchase of a home or property we are acting as buyer agents. This means that we represent the buyer in the transaction and have no loyalty to the seller and in most cases we do not know the identity of the seller. When dealing with builders with new construction we represent the buyer not the builder.

Our goal is to listen to our clients and get them the home or property that meets the requirements they set for the Realtor at the price and terms they outline.


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